The Hotel Florita in Jacmel, Haiti

The Hotel Florita, built in 1888, is the only one of the 19th century houses that is still in use after the earthquake -- it is the Oloffson of Jacmel. Located on the Rue du Commerce, one block from the ocean, it is a step back in time. With the exception of modern plumbing, it has not been changed in any significant way since it was built.

It is furnished with period furniture. Art is everywhere -- in the halls, the bar, the rooms. Jacmel is only 2 hours from Port au Prince but is in another world. It is the prettiest and most peaceful and romantic town in Haiti -- the center of craft and Carnival. There are no factories and no pollution -- on a clear night there are a million stars in the sky. You can walk anywhere without worry, there are things to see along every winding street, it is the only town in Haiti to still have some of its original charm.

The Florita is the only hotel that was formally a private residence and one of only two hotels in the town of Jacmel.  There are a few beach hotels on the road out of town but it is necessary to drive to get back to Jacmel.  And one of the pleasures of the town is to be able to walk at night.  Jacmel is the friendliest town in Haiti and has almost no crime.

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We are rated the #1 hotel in all of Haiti on Trip Advisor. And please read the review in the post-earthquake edition of Lonely Planet.

We are often full and to confirm your reservation is a very good idea -- and it can be done from here after confirming that the room that you want is available.

We look forward to seeing you in Jacmel.

Queen Sophia of Spain with Manager Jean Ruid Senatus and Florita Staff

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